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It's Not You. It's Not Him. It's Not Time.

Men and women are so damn different and I'm sure this frustrates both sexes. In many ways we are similar - we want to be happy, we want to have fun, we want to feel loved. It's how we go about achieving these things that makes the difference.

A man and a woman share some time together. They both really enjoy this time and say they want to do it again. Then, BAM!, he disappears without a trace and she's left wondering WTF! Was it my imagination that we were having a good time?

Men truly do have blinders on and seem to only focus on what's right in front of their noses at the time. Women see the whole thing with peripheral vision, taking in everything. It's not that one is better than the other, or more right than the other. It's just different and this is worth noting.

We must both keep this difference in mind and not get into a blame-game. Simply take a step back, analyse the situation and the people involved and decide how YOU are going to proceed. If it was indeed a case of momentary pleasure, accept that and move on. I know this is hard, believer me, I've been there and felt it. But it's the truth and there is no way around the


Try not to embarrass yourself. Be honest with yourself and always true to yourself. If you put yourself out there and feel rejected, so be it. It wasn't meant to be long term. Simply take pleasure from the experience and leave it at that. Don't be mad. Don't call him an asshole. He's just being a guy. It's what they do.

The next time you see him, treat him with kindness and friendliness. Let him know, non-verbally (!) that you're okay with how it went down and MOVE ON! He'll probably realize he blew it. Always be in control. You have the power! You take care of you and let everything else go. Never give your power away to anyone else.

Remember, you're responsible for your own happiness.

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